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Who Volunteers?

Most of the estimated 300 volunteers that give their time at Helping Hands and the Thrift Store every year come from our  church friends, community organizations and our local universities and high schools. Groups, as well as individuals, are more than welcome to volunteer their time in a variety of ways.

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

To  volunteer at the House, contact us at 864-646-2941. Individuals wishing to volunteer will need to fill out paper work and present a driver license to go through a SLED and Central Registry background check.

Volunteer groups will undergo a brief training session on House policies before meeting and interacting with the children.

To volunteer at the Thrift Store, you may contact Melinda Green at (864) 639-6533.

When Can I Volunteer? 

Volunteers at the House may visit 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm pm, Monday - Friday. Volunteers must contact our business office between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday, to set up times to volunteer on Saturday or Sunday.

Special Ways To Volunteer.

Want to help but don't have the time to work at the House or the Thrift Store? Many groups sponsor "Drives" to collect money, canned goods, clothes, etc. to support Helping hands.